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Ward Williston has a proud history of utilizing state of the art technology to improve operations.


In July 2008, Ward Williston began implementing XATANET, a GPS system that provides management with a more detailed view of daily fleet operations. The system tracks truck location, movement, and fuel usage. This has helped us improve vehicle utilization and performance. The system also generates driver logs automatically which creates efficiencies for our drivers and our office personnel.


In 2002, Ward Williston implemented its first system to monitor oil production at the well site. The system gives the field operators the ability to monitor each well either at the office or at the well site. With computers in the trucks our field operators can download the data from the system and analyze the data onsite to determine any malfunctions or potential failures before they occur. Back at the office, the field operator can monitor each well on a continuous basis and react to any well failure within an hour or two as opposed to finding the problem during their routine the following day.


The ability to gather information at the well site and provide critical data to be analyzed at the offices in real time has had a positive impact on performance. Improved operating costs through reduction in electricity use, well repair, etc are only a few examples of how this system has helped us develop an optimization program to produce oil at peak efficiency levels. Our goal is to be a low cost producer.


Overall the systems of technical advancement in place allow us to monitor operations and allocate assets whenever and wherever needed. In addition, through networking capabilities the data is made available to management in real time so decisions can be made more quickly.

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