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Ward Williston Featured in KXMC Business Beat

Minot, North Dakota – August 2, 2007


Scattered among the yellow sunflowers, it's these oil sites that bring so much economic opportunity to our state. In fact, oil is our second leading industry, second to Agriculture.


(Laurie Cunnington - President, Ward Williston) "The demand for oil in America is greater than it's ever been."


An oil company that's worked in the Williston Basin of North Dakota since 1958, is Ward Williston based in Westhope... also with offices in the state of Michigan. At this site near Renville Corners, we are watching a service rig. A service rig takes care of problems that occur. Company officials say Ward Williston is now a vital, expanding company, that stuck with it even during the tough times.


(Laurie) "Oil was down to 9 dollars a barrel. Today we are real proud of what we have accomplished.


"One of the strengths of this company is secondary recovery, or getting oil from a field that was depleted years ago, like this one near Mouse River Park.


(Robbie Conway) "With crude oil at 60-70 dollars a barrel, it makes sense economically, so we can go back in and put those wells in production.


"Conway says they consider themselves experts in the area of water flooding. Forcing water into the field, essentially pushing the oil into one place, revitalizing the field. They say it's technology that's made a difference. Computers right at the field sends out information on how the site is doing and if any problems develop.


They say there are challenges of course...namely, getting specialized equipment and finding workers, but they are very optimistic.


(Conway) "We see no decline in this business, only growth."

About Ward Williston
Ward Williston is an independent oil producer and service company with operations in the Williston Basin of North Dakota and in Michigan. In addition to operating its own oil wells, Ward Williston provides a wide range of production services to major oil companies and independent companies throughout North Dakota.

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